DOUBLE DOG! Espresso blend


Antioquia & Sidamo (Double Dog)

We already know what you’re thinking and we’re going to go ahead and stop you right there. At the risk of eyeballs literally rolling out of their sockets, you are how they say, barking up the wrong tree. And if you will for a moment, just try to set aside those spaghetti-smothered moonlit kisses, or the devil-may-care mutts with a heart of gold, and your obvious obsession with Peggy Lee musical numbers. Sure, our love-dogs had as little in common with one another as the lady and a literal tramp, as in the rough type with the sort of charm mother's both love and hate. And sure, their tale reminds us all of love’s ability to blossom in the most unlikely circumstances. It may even tug on a few heart strings here and there. Yes, they did break all the rules. They were up against the odds. But when it comes to our dogs let’s get one thing straight: their love was True. Nothing has injured humanity’s sense for romance more than a couple of cartoons with a song in their heart. You think this sort of thing happens at your local pound everyday? That this level of straight up Hallmark card magic is wagging its tail in your very own living room, chowing down on milk bones as you read this? Of course, no one blames you for this. The love of these particular canines is something extraordinary. And through its very own uniqueness it teaches us all an important lesson: that not everything is special. Not everything will measure up to the sheer once-upon-a-time kind of beauty that has been placed before you. But its very existence teaches us another, perhaps more important lesson: that true love is still out there. That the type of romance we all secretly want to believe in is alive and well. That if you or I or anybody we know talked like this, they might say these dogs were made for each other.




Red Fruit, Milk Chocolate, Juicy

Region Sidamo, Antioquia
Elevation 1650 M
Process Washed, Natural



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